"Our new addition is terrific. I’m looking forward to our next project."

- F.B., Potomac, MD

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The Sommer Homes Advantage

Sommer Homes has specialized in building and remodeling the finest homes throughout the Potomac and Bethesda areas for over 35 years.   We bring both creativity and a high standard of preparation and workmanship to each and every job.  We want you to be as proud of the results as we are.

There are great advantages to choosing Sommer Homes:

1.​ Sommer Homes is an Architect / Build firm, not a Design / Build firm.  

More than half of our large projects are a collaboration with independent architects.  When we are asked to do “in-house architecture", Sommer Homes has a professional, licensed and award-winning architect on staff.  You can count on us to produce creative and functional plans to suit your lifestyle needs.

2.​ Craftsmanship.

​Sommer Homes is very proud to work with a team of excellent craftsmen and professional suppliers who enable us to build to the highest quality standards within our industry – on new homes, as well as our renovations and/or additions.

3.​ Boomer Business.

A significant portion of our recent Clients are “Boomers," who have decided to remain in their homes, rather than downsize.  You need a home to reflect your current taste and lifestyle, as well as anticipate future needs - such as health and aging considerations.  In many cases, you need a home to provide for a multi-generational family, as you have grandchildren to cherish and spoil.  Joel Sommer is a member of this community, so we can relate on every level.

4.​ Builder as Client.

Recently, Sommer Homes has completed remodeling the kitchen and master suite of our Principal's home, Joel and Linda Sommer.  The process of being both builder and Client has been insightful and greatly beneficial to the Sommer Home’s team.  To understand what it’s like to be a Client: interfacing with the architect, the builder and the interior designer; making all the timely product selections and living through the renovation are invaluable experiences.   Sommer Homes’ systems are frequently refined, based upon experience and Client input, to make the process as easy and comfortable as possible for everyone involved.

5.​ Great Kitchens.

Improving kitchens is perhaps the biggest segment of our work.  A large, highly functional kitchen is as important as the aesthetics.  Linda Sommer is our ace Consultant.  With Linda’s popular cooking school, Cooking With Linda, she lives in her home kitchen; experimenting with recipes and preparing meals.  Linda understands cabinetry layout and storage organization, appliance configuration and knows what makes a good oven, etc.  She helps all our Clients with preliminary kitchen design and useful suggestions.

6.​Business Approach.

Sommer Homes' organized procedures and detailed documents enable both the preparation stage and the construction phase of our projects to run smoothly: on time, on budget and provide a rewarding experience for the Clients.  We have experienced personnel at all levels, use conservative business practices with integrity and maintain a secure financial position.